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SafeCam Platinum, administered by the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, represents a public-private partnership which allows residents and businesses to install cameras integrated with the Real-Time Crime Center using their existing internet connection and a subscription to a cloud storage platform.

The Real-Time Crime Center is a state-of-the-art facility operating under the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness that leverages technology to enhance coordination, provide critical information to first responders in the field, and assist with investigations of criminal activity or other quality of life concerns such as severe weather-related hazards and potential street flooding. For example, in 2018, more than 1500 manpower hours have been returned to the NOPD as we leverage technology to better coordinate public safety efforts.

SafeCam Platinum represents a timely partnership between the City of New Orleans and you (the public). The City currently manages white-box mounted pole cameras (often with red and blue lights) throughout Orleans Parish for public safety. However, now the City needs your help to increase its coverage capacity. Participating in SafeCam Platinum allows you to play a role in public safety and sends a clear message that you want to do your part to help make New Orleans a safer place to live.

SafeCam Platinum is your opportunity to partner with the City to improve public safety efforts ranging from criminal activity concerns to fire, EMS, and severe weather events. Moreover, as a SafeCam Platinum participant, you may choose to explore the potential for a financial incentive such as an insurance policy discount.

Estimated costs associated with participating in SafeCam Platinum are listed on the SafeCam Platinum homepage. Payments are handled directly with your chosen integrator and are not managed by the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation or The City of New Orleans.

You own any cameras that you purchase, and you will have access to your live footage on your mobile device, laptop, etc. through a personal account (included in the monthly cloud storage fee). The City will be able to access the footage through the cloud platform on an as-needed basis (based on incident).

The Real Time Crime Center only accepts integrated cameras with footage of exterior, public-facing views. Also, the Crime Center will NOT monitor your footage 24/7. Access to your footage is incident-based within a geographic radius of the incident. Moreover, the Real Time Crime Center does NOT employ facial recognition technology.

SafeCam Platinum decals and/or signage will be available indicating participation in the program and integration with the City of New Orleans/The Real Time Crime Center.

Most SafeCam Platinum-compatible cameras come with a two-year or longer manufacturer’s warranty. Your selected integrator will have more details with regards to potentially available insurance/repair plans for issues not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes. Currently, there are three to four camera brands that are compatible with SafeCam Platinum depending on the chosen cloud platform. You may discuss camera options and pricing directly with your chosen integrator.

Many existing cameras may be compatible for integration with determination made on a case by case basis. For example, an encoder may be used to convert analog cameras for integration to the RTCC

The footage will be saved to the cloud for a minimum of seven days for the basic storage package, but longer lengths of storage time are available at different price points.

Transmission of footage to the cloud is dependent on internet connectivity. However, SafeCam Platinum compatible cameras do have the capability for onboard recording in which with the purchase of a SD memory card allows for local recording even without connectivity. Moreover, transmission to the cloud would resume as soon as connectivity is re-established.

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